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Never Trust This Deal Site!

I was hoping that I would never have to write this post. But, my patience has reached its maximum. Today, I’m going to talk about ONE deal site which has given me nothing but bad experience over the last 3 weeks.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of deal sites. But I do browse through them occasionally when I’m bored or when I’ve nothing better to do. It all started on 25 April 2014 when I was just recovering from my sickness. I was very sick for a few days before 25 April and hadn’t stepped out from home for 5 days. Being sick was horrible enough, what was more horrible was that I couldn’t do anything except to lie on the bed or on the sofa. As I really had nothing better to do, I decided to browse some deal sites.

I have previously purchased a few vouchers from G-site. These were mostly meal vouchers. Meal vouchers are the best because you just need to print out the voucher, call to reserve your seats and then you just go there and eat what you have bought. I don’t like to buy “things” or “products” or “items”. Firstly, I don’t really trust the quality of the items sold on these sites, unless they are like freaking cheap and I don’t really care about the quality of that particular item, i.e just buying for fun or for the sake of wasting money. Secondly, these items usually have a particular delivery period, i.e 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months etc. I mean, seriously, if I really like something, wouldn’t it be ridiculous to wait for such a long time? And how would I know that after this waiting time, I would actually get my items? Up to now, I haven’t taken any such risks, especially if it involved more than 7 days delivery period.

Anyway, to cut the crap short, some friends have told me that they got really good deals from other sites, namely L-site and M-site, so I decided to give these sites a chance. In fact, some time in March 2014, I purchase an item from L-site. It was supposed to be a 3-day delivery. I was delighted! I mean, 3 days is not really such a long waiting time. So yeah, I clicked and paid for the item. In the end, the item did not arrive within 3 days. So, I emailed them on the 5th day and there was no reply. So, I called them on the 7th day, but the person who picked up said he was not sure. WOW! I was dumbstruck! Anyway, he told me to wait for a few days and I could call again if my item still did not arrive. Lucky for me, after 10 waiting days, I finally got my item. (Note: I’ve excluded the Saturdays and Sundays in my calculation).

So, back to the reason of this post. Due to my extreme boredom and sickness on 25 April, I decided to just browse the same L-site since I couldn’t find anything I fancied from G-site and M-site. In less than a minute, something caught my attention. I was very cautious because I remembered the bad experience I had in March. I think boredom must have crushed my brain that day. I knew the 3-day delivery thing was a total bullshit but I thought to myself “What could be worse?” At most, it would turn out to be a 10-day delivery like the previous time. And since, my previous item did eventually arrive, I decided to buy the item. And, the reason why I’m writing this post is because I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING UNTIL TODAY!

It’s not really some expensive item but why should I waste my money on this site? Imagine how much money is spent on this site if there are 200 buyers like me?! I decided to call them for clarification. It’s best not to jump to conclusion and start screwing unless I find out what’s wrong. I called for 4 days, and the line was always busy. So, I decided to write an email to them. No one replied. Since they were not working on the weekends, I called them again the following week. Again, the line was always busy. So finally on a “fine” day, I was able to get through so I asked them to check the status for me. Guess what!? They told me that their system was down and they couldn’t check it for me and asked me to call them again tomorrow. I told them I didn’t want to call back because I’ve been trying for many days and requested them to call me back, in a polite manner. And guess again what?!?! They said, “Oh, we can’t possibly call back every customer because we are too busy.” Ermmmmmmmm………..Unless you’ve been cheating many customers’ money and many of them are calling like hell, which I believe is the case, why can’t you call back? If not, an email would be enough. If your company has dealt OR at least set up a system to deal with each purchase carefully, do you think your customers are so free to call you all the time to check on their items? This is so f-up!

Seriously, never trust this L-site. For G-site and M-site, I can say that they are generally reliable, especially G-site. Their items always arrive on time and even if the items don’t arrive on time, you can always call/email them. They respond fast and also send follow-up emails. Thumbs up for G-site! Because of the incompetency of L-site staff, I now have to call the credit card company to stop my payment and do a lot of other unnecessary shits (like wasting time to write this post about them!).


Item purchased on 8th March 2014.


Item purchased on 25th April 2014.