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Mr. Hubby is more Malaysianized than I thought!

Last week, I shared some phrases Mr. Hubby uses all the time in Malaysia. You can click here to read the post. Even though we’re in Bulgaria now, he still uses these phrases frequently. And, he is using more Manglish than I thought! Like, seriously?!

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 more phrases/words that Mr. Hubby loves using all the time, even when he’s in Bulgaria. I think the major reason why he likes using Manglish phrases here in Bulgaria (as a weapon against his friends) is because his friends don’t know how to retaliate. By sharing this and the previous post, I hope Mr. Hubby’s friends can understand what is he talking about. You can also have fun by attacking Mr. Hubby with these phrases/words. Haha, fun attack I mean. 😀

1. Ham sap
What it is: Ham sap (a Cantonese/Chinese dialect phrase that means perverted or dirty-minded)
What it means: Perverted or dirty-minded (we usually use it in a joking manner)
Where did he learn it: Definitely from me, especially when guys checked on me when I’m wearing short pants or short skirt.
Sample sentence and what it means: Walao, that guy is super hamsap! (Yikes, that guy is very perverted!)

2. Bo jio
What it is: Bo (a Hokkien/Chinese dialect word for no) +  jio (a Hokkien/Chinese dialect word for ask)
What it means: You didn’t ask me to go with you. OR You didn’t invite me.
Where did he learn it: From my friends who constantly attack each other when one of them didn’t invite the others for some outings.
Sample sentence and what it means: Walao, why you bo jio? (Hey, why didn’t you invite me?)

3. Want to pengsan
What it is: Want + to + pengsan (a Malay word that means faint)
What it means: Literally, it means I want to faint but it doesn’t make sense because who chooses when to faint? It can be used as an indication of frustration or as an indication of being speechless or as an indication of the facepalm action. (Depending on different contexts)
Where did he learn it: From me, when someone annoys me (usually).
Sample sentence and what it means: Seriously, I want to pengsan! (Seriously, I’m speechless!)

4. Lao sai 
What it is: Lao sai (a Hokkien/Chinese dialect phrase for diarrhea)
What it means: Diarrhea
Where did he learn it: I have no idea! 😛
Sample sentence and what it means: Eeerr, don’t eat this, later you lao sai! (Yikes, don’t eat this. Later you’ll get diarrhea!)

5. Pantang larang 
What it is: Pantang larang (a Malay phrase that means taboo/taboos)
What it means: Taboos
Where did he learn it: From me, as a metaphor when somebody does something I dislike, not necessarily a taboo.
Sample sentence and what it means: Eeerr, I very pantang larang to see people write like shit. (Yikes, it is a taboo for me when people don’t write properly.)

6. Lai… (with draggy intonation) 
What it is: Lai (a Chinese word that means come)
What it means: Literally, it means come. It can also mean here you go or here it comes, especially when somebody is giving you something.
Where did he learn it: From a waitress in a cafe we frequently had our lunch at. Everytime when she was serving our food, the waitress would say “lai….”
Sample sentence and what it means: Lai… your coffee. (Here comes your coffee. OR Here is your coffee.)

7. Sayang 
What it is: Sayang (In Malay, it can be used as a noun that means love or sweetheart. Alternatively, it can be used to describe love or affection.)
What it means: To show love, care, concern, affection etc. Sometimes, the word is used together with the action of a gentle pat.
Where did he learn it: From my friend who goes by the initials SS.
Sample sentence and what it means: You must always sayang Jenny, ok? (You must always show love/concern/affection to Jenny, okay?)

8. Da bao (can be “da pao” or “ta pao”)
What it is: Da bao (a Chinese phrase that means takeaway)
What it means: To buy a takeaway meal. Occasionally, as a metaphor to give the meaning of “keeping all things and go away.”
Where did he learn it: From me, everytime I crave for my bubble tea.
Sample sentence and what it means: I’m lazy to eat out. Let’s da bao McD. (I’m lazy to eat out. Let’s get a McDonald’s takeaway.)

9. Don’t kacau me
What it is: Don’t + kacau (a Malay word that means disturb) + me
What it means: Don’t disturb me. Sometimes it can mean “don’t make fun of me”.
Where did he learn it: I have no idea. I don’t remember using this against him. Hmmmm…
Sample sentence and what it means: I’m playing Warcraft, don’t kacau me please! (I’m playing Warcraft. Please do not disturb me.)

10. Lao (+ the name of someone)
What it is: lao (a Chinese word that means old)
What it means: Old. However in this context, it doesn’t necessarily mean old. Usually the elders use this word together with the surname of their friends when they address each other. Nowadays, people from the younger generation use this word together with their friend’s surname to show close friendship or solidarity. Chinese surnames are usually one syllable, so it goes like this lao wang, lao chen, etc. However, Mr. Hubby’s friends’ surnames are usually more than one syllable, he usually uses the word lao together with their first names instead.
Where did he learn it: From my BFF’s husband’s friend. My BFF’s initials are CC. Hahaha…
Sample sentence and what it means: Hello, lao migger! (Hello, “old” Milen! – to show solidarity) 😀

I’m sure all these phrases or words are easily understood by my Malaysian friends but I’m sure my international friends will need some time to digest what is going on. Well, at least now you know what Mr. Hubby is talking about and you can use these phrases/words for future communication with him. Hahaha! 😀 By the way, if you’re interested to know how exactly he learnt all these phrases/words, you might want to ask him directly! 😀 😀 😀

Note: Some of these phrases/words may have more than one meaning. This list of phrases/words is solely based on the communication between Mr. Hubby and the author. 

If you have missed the first part, you can click here to read it!


Phrases that Mr. Hubby uses all the time in Malaysia!

Languages are just so fascinating. If you know or speak more than one language, I’m sure at some point of the time, you are tempted to mix different languages in one sentence. I am a lecturer, teaching mainly English language and communication-related subjects. My job is to teach and ensure people use language (specifically English) the correct way for effective communication. But I have to admit, when I’m off from work, my proper English usage knock off from work too!

English is the main language of communication for both of Mr. Hubby and I. I remember when I first met Mr. Hubby, I was drooling over his sexy and exotic accent whenever he spoke. But if you have spoken with with Mr. Hubby in the past months, I bet you must be thinking that I’m lying about his sexy accent. When we went to Beijing the last year, none of the tourists in the bus realized there was an angmoh (Caucasian) seated at the far end. When people saw Mr. Hubby, they were in shock and said, “How come he speaks exactly like a Malaysian? We didn’t even realize there’s an angmoh in this bus!” Well, now I drool when he speaks Bulgarian.

So yes! After about 3 years of staying in Malaysia, I can say that Mr. Hubby is almost Malaysianized! If you don’t look at his handsome face, you are most probably going to think that you’re speaking with a Malaysian! Don’t you agree, my Malaysian friends?

In Malaysia, we speak so many different languages and dialects. But in this post, I’m going to share mostly about Manglish. For my international friends, Manglish is not the standard Malaysian English that we use in the formal context. I call it “the Malaysianized English”. Seriously, I don’t even know if it should be call “English” because it’s a mixture of so many different languages and dialects. You can search about Manglish on the Internet if you are interested.

I blame it on Mr. Hubby’s learning enthusiasm. He picks things up very quickly. Everything that goes in his ears, stays in his brain. And he usually uses it against me later. I’ll share with you some phrases Mr. Hubby uses all the time in Malaysia.

  1. There…zhe ge ren lo.. (pointing at me)
    What is it: There + zhe ge ren (Chinese phrase for this person) + lo (a particle as a complement to a sentence used widely by Malaysians)
    What it means: This person here
    Where did he learn it: From me, especially when I’m talking bad things about him with my friends, right in front of his face. He heard it so many times that in the end he understood that zhe ge ren (or “this person”) is him.
  2. Mati signal (when driving)
    What is it: Mati (Malay word for die) + signal
    What it means: Switch off your turn signal
    Where did he learn it: When he was taking his driving lessons in Malaysia. There was only one instructor who could teach the lessons in English. And he came home asking me what is mati.
  3. Cannot tahan
    What is it: Cannot + tahan (Malay word that can mean resist, tolerate, take it etc in different contexts)
    What it means: Cannot resist, cannot tolerate, cannot take it etc depending on the context
    Where did he learn it: From my mum and my sister.
  4. You go chi da bian lah
    What is it: You + go + chi da bian (Chinese phrase for eat shit) + lah (a particle as a complement to a sentence)
    What it means: Go eat shit (in a joking manner)
    Where did he learn it: From my BFF who goes by the initials CYW. Hahahaha…. I’ll tag her on Facebook (maybe).
  5. Siao ah you ? / Shen jing bing ah you?
    What is it: Siao (Hokkien/Chinese dialect word for crazy) OR Shen jing bing (Chinese phrase for crazy) + ah (a particle as a complement to a question) + you
    What it means: Are you crazy?
    Where did he learn it: From me, when I’m asking my friends if they are crazy (in a joking manner).
  6. Sien loh
    What is it: Sien (Hokkien/Chinese dialect word that can mean bored, frustrated, annoyed etc in different contexts) + loh (a particle as a complement to a sentence)
    What it means: It’s boring. It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. All depending on the different contexts.
    Where did he learn it: From LINE chat, there’s a Moon sticker with this phrase! I think…
  7. Aiya, no need one
    What is it: Aiya (An interjection/expression word in Chinese for negativity) + no need + one (complement word)
    What it means: Well, there’s no need to…
    Where did he learn it: Erm….I have no idea. From me, I suppose?!
  8. Walao / Waliu
    What is it: Walao or waliu (An interjection/expression word in Chinese dialect?? to express either shock or surprise)
    What it means: Wow (to express surprise) or What the hell / WTF (to express shock in a very nice manner)
    Where did he learn it: From my BFF who goes by the initials AT. Hahahahahhaa……
  9. Me meh?
    What is it: Me + meh (complement word for question)
    What it means: Is it me? OR Does it have to be me? OR Do you think it’s me?
    Where did he learn it: I have no idea too. But he uses it a lot when I ask this question, “Did you just fart?!!?!?!?”
  10. Pi gu ren
    What is it: Pi gu (Chinese words that mean buttocks) + ren (Chinese word that means person)
    What it means: Butt person???
    Where did he learn it: I don’t know. But he calls me this all the time and he claims that it’s “cute” nickname. I believe he means it the nice way…hmmm…

This is how Mr. Hubby and I communicate, usually when there are no other people or when our friends speak Manglish too. What do you think of Mr. Hubby’s Manglish? Out of 100%, how many percent would you grade him? 😀

Update: There’s a second part! Click here to read it.

The story of Chrysanthemums

My husband and I like to joke with each other. I mean, really crude jokes. There was a joke, which I have been telling people since I don’t remember when. He didn’t tell me not to tell it to others. He didn’t tell me that this joke has somehow affected him a little bit negatively. It really didn’t hit me that I have become so insensitive. Until yesterday, I found out that this joke was not funny after all.

The joke (or story) went like this. It happened last year, sometime around March, April or May (I really can’t remember). One day, I was feeling really down. It was either about my work or my dissertation (again, I don’t remember). On this particular day, my hubby sent me to work. On the way to work, I guess I was in really foul mood and must have said a lot of shits. So, my hubby decided to cheer me up by giving me a little surprise. He came to pick me when I knocked off from work. As usual, I waited for him at the foyer of my workplace. I saw his car coming, he stopped at drop-off area and I opened the car door. I was stunned for 5 seconds, didn’t know how to react. Guess what?! There was a bouquet of Chrysanthemum on the passenger seat. I was obviously not in good mood that day, but I wasn’t angry. I took that bouquet of flowers and got into the car. I was silent for another 5 seconds and then I turned to my hubby and said, “Honey, do you remember that when we were in Bulgaria, I once told you that you shouldn’t buy Chrysanthemums as gifts for others when we are back in Malaysia?” He turned to me and asked why. I continued, “That’s because Chrysanthemums are usually used for prayers or for the deceased.” He was in total shock. Then we went to my mum’s place for dinner. And I told my mum the story and asked my mum to guess what flowers he bought. My mum said, “Please don’t tell me it’s Chrysanthemum.” And I replied, “Yes, you are right.” Then I turned to my hubby and said “Please do not buy clock for my family members and friends.” We had a laugh and continued our dinner as usual.

My family members and I are not superstitious people. However, we are after all Chinese and we try our best to keep some of the Chinese traditions or “pantang larang” (taboos) that had been passed down from our ancestors. Fortunately, my family members also understand that my hubby shares a very different culture from them. So, there is a mutual understanding between my hubby and my family members, not to sweat over small things like this.

To me, I love flowers. I love all kinds of flowers. Although Chrysanthemum is not my favorite (my favorites are calla lilies and hydrangeas), I still think Chrysanthemums are very pretty flowers. Back in Bulgaria, I had also received Chrysanthemums from my hubby. So what made this time so different and shocking? I’m no flower expert but I think there are different types (or species) of Chrysanthemums. Some of them look like Daisy (for me) and some of them look like Sunflower (for me again). So, if you want to know the kind of Chrysanthemum I received when I was in Bulgaria, look at the picture below. They look very nice and sweet right? (see below).


So why was this time so shocking? Because this time, the Chrysanthemum I received neither looked like Daisy or Sunflower, but it looked like this. (see below). So let me ask you, how would you feel if you see this flower bouquet on the passenger seat when you are not exactly in good mood?


When we went back home, my hubby explained to me what happened. He said that he went to the florist’s and he saw that the roses looked small and miserable. So, he didn’t want the roses. Then, the florist came and asked him who was he buying for and what was the occasion. Read carefully from here. My hubby told the florist that he was buying flowers for his wife and it was just for a casual occasion. After browsing, my hubby said that the only fresh and nicest looking flowers were the Chrysanthemums. So he pointed at those and taa-daa…the florist without saying anything, sold that to my hubby. In fact, after I heard this story, I got quite angry at the florist. Then, I told my hubby, “These flowers have to be fresh because people are frequently using them for prayers”. What’s worse was that it was approximately the “Qing Ming Festival” (Tomb Sweeping Festival) for the Chinese. Seriously?! I personally think that the florist was very unethical to sell that bouquet to my hubby.

Later on, when I met my friends, sometimes I would mention this story as a joke. For more than a year, I’ve been telling this as a joke to many people. Until yesterday, one of my best friends mentioned this on Facebook. So without thinking much, I again joked about it with my hubby. Later when we going to sleep, we chit-chatted and I started bugging him about not giving me anymore surprise gifts. After non-stop bugging for about an hour (I think I’m a pest), he finally told me that the reason WHY he now prefers to bring me to choose my own gifts rather than buying them on his own. The reason is that he is constantly WORRIED he will make another mistake like the “Chrysanthemum incident”. Then, it struck me that this incident has affected him in such a negative manner until he is afraid to give me anymore surprise gifts. There was a silence for 5 minutes. I realised that I have been such a horrible wife for making him feel horrible all these while.

Honestly, I blame that stupid florist. Her action has affected us (especially my hubby) quite negatively. She may have done it unintentionally but I believe she should have at least informed (if not warned) my husband when he pointed at the Chrysanthemums. She shouldn’t have assumed that the wife of my hubby is also an “ang moh” (Caucasian). Unfortunately for her and everyone else, that wife (me) is a Chinese.

So here, I want to apologize to my hubby for insensitively joked about this for more than a year. I’m so sorry. Please don’t be angry and continue to buy me surprise gifts. If anything of such happens again, don’t worry, I’ll burn the shop of the seller. Okay, maybe not burn but I’ll go back to the shop and slap the seller. 😀

Every time I pass by this florist’s, I feel so disgusted. Such an unethical florist. To the florist: May your boyfriend or husband buy you only Chrysanthemums (NOT the nice colourful ones) for the rest of your life!


Thank you for making my year 2010 memorable!

Dear all,

I was very bored so I went to check out my facebook timeline for the year of 2010. And looking at the posts and pictures really reminded me a lot of things that happened in that year. As some of you may have known, I was struggling a lot in life in year 2009. The beginning of 2010 started quite badly but as time passed by, but I began to meet really good people and good things started happening since. In this blog, I would like to mention some loved ones who have been with me during my most difficult period in life. I really want to thank all of you who were there at my lowest point of life. Thank you for being patient with me, always listening to my crap and most important of all, never stop believing in me. I really appreciate all of you and I am really thankful to God for giving me such good friends like you!

p/s: If I can, I would want to put everyone at the first in list, but of course it is impossible to do that. So please do not mind the if I don’t mention you at the top position. Just remember that I love you and you have a very important place in my heart!

1. Nyagoslav Zhekov
Dearest honey bee, thank you for being the sweetest boyfriend I could ever ask for. I believe our meeting was not accidental and it was God’s plan. I always think our meeting was a miracle as both of us were located at 2 different parts of the world. We practically didn’t share anything in common at then – different continents, different schools, different friends, and I think we shared even different Likes on facebook. What we had was just a mutual friend. And that was what brought us together. Thank you for being a patient, understanding, motivating, encouraging, caring and loving bee to me. I know I can be quite immature at times and love to throw tantrums when I don’t get my way, thank you for always giving in and also providing me with all you have. You may not have a lot but you are always willing to give me everything you have. Thank you for showering me with your love. I love you with all my heart and I want to be with you forever and ever!

2. KL sayangs: Charmaine Anne, Esther Leong, Dionne Yeng
Dearest sayangs in KL, I love you girls so much. Thank you for your constant spam on my wall. I really love it when you girls wrote stuff that really cheer me up. Please continue spamming my walls okay! Thank you for being there with me when I had the most dramatic life ever. I know that I can count on you girls when I need help the most. I love and miss doing crazy stuff with you girls. Miss D, I miss being your crazy housemate and I will always remember the crazy things we did at home and at the poolside. CME & Esther, I miss the crazy times we had in Hong Kong and Macau, those crazy gossiping and shopping sessions. I hope we can spend more time doing fun and crazy things together when I move back to KL in the middle of this year 🙂

3. Mei Zhi
My cutest 小妹. Thank you for being a lovely sister to me. Thank you for always listening to my complaints eventhough I know you are quite bored of it already. Hahaha! I hope my complaints didn’t offend you but make you more understand from my perspectives. Maybe sometimes I didn’t offer you good solutions to your problems, but I hope I am a good 二姐 for you too 🙂 Hehehe…I love all the handmade things that you made for me. I really appreciate them. I still keep many of them eventhough they are already few years old. Hahaha! Maybe we are not always home together or maybe we have our own things to do at home, you can always disturb me in my room, just like I always go to your room and kick your butt. Wahahaha! 😛

4. JB jimui: Cassy Chong, Regina Ng, Yeong Wen, Angelina Tiah
I think I have spent most of my life with you girls. I have known all of you since primary school (and for Yeong Wen is since kindergarten years). Eventhough I spent my last few years in KL (except for Angel who was my housemate for a year) but I am so glad that we are still always keeping in touch with each other and never fail to keep each other updated with things happening around us. Thank you all of you who always make time to keep me company and help me go through my darker days. Thank you for helping me to stand on my feet again. I don’t need to remember how devastated I had to go through the shittiest days of my life, but I will always remember how you girls encouraged me and listened to my woes. Thank you for also helping me to “screw” those who made my life a shit. Thank you for keeping these shits out from my life. I love you girls dearly. 🙂

4. HELP University students
You guys rock! Seriously, I have never have as much fun as I did in your class. I miss all the photo-taking sessions in the class, whether you guys were secretly taking my pictures and then uploaded it on facebook and tagged me!! Thank you for appreciating me as your lecturer. I also appreciate all the gestures you guys have done for me. Thank you for organising all the gatherings for me. I am really happy being able to still keep in close contact with you guys even I have left HELP for more than a year. Thank you for being my best students. 🙂

5. Former colleagues in UCSI: Mami Veni, Ms. Ivie, Mr. Francis, Kumaran, Syikin, Ms. Lilian
I wanna thank you all of you for being my best teachers and colleagues in life. Thank you Mr. Francis, Ms. Ivie & Ms. Lilian for being the best lecturers in the world. I will never forget the kindness you have shown me throughout my study and working life in UCSI. I also want to thank Mami, Kumaran and Syikin for being my best friends at work. Thank you for all your encouragement and help when I was facing a lot of obstacles at work. Thank you for being patient and believe in me. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience during my 2 years working life in UCSI. I want to apologize if I was a hard-headed subordinate. Thank you for helping me to understand the real meaning of teaching.

6. Shirley Ang, Sin Lan, Jonie Neoh, See Ngin, Ruth Chai….
Although I rarely see you girls in person, I really every small little things you have done for me. Thank you for being such good friends to me 🙂 I will always remember how we shared with each other about the details of our lives.

2010 was a year that had a great impact in my life. I had the worst nightmare in the beginning of the year but beautiful dreams started emerging in the middle of the year. For those that I didn’t mention your name here, please do not be angry. You know who you are, you know what you have done to help me to go through the lowest point of my life 🙂 I will appreciate what you have done to help me get through the toughest time!

As much as I don’t like to, but I still want to mention it anyway. If you are reading this, and you are one of the @$$holes who made my life really shitty, I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you because if you haven’t made my life so miserable, I would have never realised how many angels I have in my life. So really, thank you so much for that 😀 And also, to those who didn’t believe in me, and made fun of my situation, really THANK YOU SO MUCH for it. I mean, I don’t mean any sarcasm. At the end of the day, just take a good look at yourself (with or without mirror) and I’m sure you find the answer to your life better than I do.