Why Bulgarian beauty products?

Recently, I started my own small business selling Bulgarian beauty products. Perhaps you might be thinking: Why Bulgarian beauty products? Are they any good?  In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the reasons I chose these products.

Reason #1 – Refan is a very popular local brand in Bulgaria.
In 2010, I had my first trip to Bulgaria when I met Mr. Hubby (then Mr. Boyfriend). Like any other female travelers, I enjoy shopping and buying local products. It’s like when going to Italy, you’d mostly want to visit a Prada shop or get a Prada yourself. Even on my first visit there, almost everywhere I went, I would see a Refan shop. It’s like you would see Body Shop, Crabtree & Evelyn or L’occitane when you hit a mall in Malaysia, or in any other mall in Asia. Refan is like that in Bulgaria. Because I kept seeing it, I asked Mr. Hubby about this brand and he told me that Refan is a very popular local brand in Bulgaria. I told him I HAD TO check it out. Before that first trip ended, I filled my luggage with Refan products (mostly soaps, hand cream and shower gel) and brought them back to Malaysia as souvenirs.

Reason #2 – My family and friends love it!
Every year when I return to Bulgaria, my family members would request me to bring these Refan products back to Malaysia in bulk. You know it’s not a joking matter when someone asks you to bring back 6 or 10 bottles of shower gel all the way back, without really caring if your luggage can fit them or not! Haha. I mean, I love these products but I’m not that kind of person who would store so many bottles of shower gel at home. There must be a reason WHY they are requesting so many, every single time I go back to Bulgaria. My friends, on the other hand, would get different products as their souvenirs. And the feedback that I receive from them is always positive.

Reason #3 – Refan products are of high quality but are affordable.
If you have used products from L’occitane, you would know that their products are of high quality, which explains the high price. On the other hand, Body Shop offers much more average-range products at relatively cheaper price. How about Refan? If you ask me, I’m going to tell you that Refan is of L’occitane’s quality and Body Shop’s price. Like seriously? YES, SERIOUSLY!

Reason #4 – I’m a Refan fan myself!
I’ve been using Refan products since 2010. I’ve used their shower gel, body lotion, hand cream (my favourite!), soap, facial scrub and peeling soap. I wouldn’t recommend this brand to others, if I hadn’t tried it myself. Mr. Hubby and I are currently using Refan’s Lavender and Ylang-Ylang Shampoo and Shower Gel. And I must tell you that it is great. After a long day at work, using this range helps me to calm my mood (and scalp and skin!) down.

Reason #5 – Refan has a big variety of products.
Refan offers a variety of products in different series/fragrances. Whether you are a “flower” or a “fruit” person, there’s something for you to choose from. It is impossible for you to like all of them, but there must be something from Refan that suits you.

Reason #6 – Refan is a reputable and globally-known European brand.
Refan started back in 1991 and nowadays has many franchises worldwide. Their products are produced under strict quality control. They have also won many awards and have been supporting many social events. You can click here to check their official site. You can also simply search for Refan using Google search and you will find a lot of information about this brand. If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, the second nearest Refan shop is in Hong Kong. Now, the nearest is Rozova Gradina, of course! 😀

Reason #7 – Refan products are natural and preservative free. Yay!
All Refan products are produced using natural plant extract and natural plant oil. Their rose-based products are all produced with natural rose water. Plus, all their products are preservative free. All their products are produced according to the European laws and regulations. You have strict regulations, you have natural stuff, what is better than that?

Reason #8 – Where else to get better rose products when Bulgaria is the largest producer of rose oil in the world?
I’m sure you have seen a lot of brands offering Bulgarian Rose products. Have you thought about it? Why Bulgarian rose? Why not just rose? In perfumery, rose oil is the most heavily used essential oil despite their high price. Where else to get better rose products if not from Bulgaria directly?

I hope my blog answers your questions/doubts. If you are still doubtful about this brand, please feel free to contact me directly. There’s no other better way for you to know the quality of this product unless you try it personally 🙂

For more information about Rozova Gradina and the products we offer, please click here. We are currently in the midst of setting up our website. Stay tuned for more updated information! 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog. ❤



  1. High quality product with body shop price. That sound very interesting. Bulgium is famous for high quality roses too. Look forward for it

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