Annoying questions of all time!

Some people ask questions because they are genuinely concerned about your welfare. Some people ask  questions because they haven’t seen you for a long time. Some people ask  questions because you have experience in that subject matter. I categorize these questions as “constructive questions” and honestly, I am more than happy to answer these questions.

The same questions asked by different people can have different effects as well. For example, if your parents ask when are you going to get married, it shows that they are concerned. But if your mum’s cousin’s friend’s neighbor asks your parents when are you going to get married, that is plain gossiping. These questions are just lame, senseless and simply a waste of time. I mean, really? These questions clearly do not benefit both the person who asks and the person who replies. Why do people want to ask those questions anyway? Seriously, I have no idea.

I am sure everyone has experienced such situation. Me too! And I’m going to list down a few annoying questions I get all the time for the past 6 months before I came to Bulgaria. Perhaps you are thinking why am I so mean when people are just showing concern. Well, maybe they are just showing concern but I would probably empathize their concern better if they:

  • rephrase their question
  • omit any kinds of assumptions (usually the first part of the sentence before the “actual” question)
  • use a more suitable interjection (a.k.a expression word)

But don’t fret! I’m a nice person and I’ve been answering these questions in the most courteous way possible. However, I sometimes wish that I had been less courteous. Continue reading and then tell me again if you think that they are genuinely showing concern or not.

  1. About my car
    Question: “Ohhhh, but you just bought your car last year, didn’t you? What are you going to do with it?”
    What I answered: “Well, I am just gonna leave it here for my family to use it.”
    What I should have answered: “I’m gonna give my car to you, you want it?” 
  2. Still about my car
    Question: “What will you do with your car? Are you selling it? How much do you wanna sell it?” (Yes, all these came together at once.)
    What I answered: “I’m not selling it at the moment. My family can use it.”
    What I should have answered: “How much you wanna pay for it? etc and drag the the whole conversation for 30 minutes and then tell that person that I’m actually not selling it.” 
  3. About what I’m doing after I left my job
    Question: “Oh, you just left your job right. You must have a lot of free time. So, what do you do at home?”
    What I answered: “Well, not exactly having a lot of free time. There are quite a lot of things to settle. (give examples).”
    What I should have answered: “Oh ya, I am so freaking free now. You know, my house cleans by itself, my clothes wash by themselves and my toilet bowl cleans by itself too! Also, I breath in all the dust in my house so it’s dust-free! And my clothes pack themselves in the luggage too. You have no idea how free I am! Woohoo! 
  4. Still about what I am doing after I left my job
    Question: “Oh, it’s so nice not having to work. You know, working is so tiring blablabla. So, you are sitting at home doing nothing right?”
    What I answered: “Actually I’m not really entirely jobless. Remember the company I set up together with Mr. Hubby. Now that we are relocating to another country, there are many things I’ll need to settle before we leave (give examples going to SOCSO, SSM, KWSP, LDHN etc). It’s quite time-taking.”
    What I should have answered: “Yeah, it’s such a nice feeling that you should just leave your job too and join me to sit home and do nothing!” 
  5. About my master degree dissertation
    Question: “You haven’t completed it? I thought you submitted it in February? Why is it taking so long time?”
    What I answered: “Well, they take 2 months for the examination. After the examination, I had some minor corrections to do. And I’m not in KL personally, so it was a little difficult to schedule an appointment with my supervisor because she’s travelling abroad frequently too.”
    What I should have answered: “You obviously don’t have a master degree.” 
  6. About when I’m going to get pregnant (The most interesting one of all time!!!! Yay!!)
    Question: “You are so free now. You should get pregnant! Then you can take care of the baby.”
    What I answered: (Mostly just to get rid of the question fast.) “Not now. Perhaps when I’m more settled in a place. I really enjoy my freedom right now.”
    What I should have answered: “So you expect me to travel halfway around the world, to search for a new house, to renovate my new house, to settle in a whole new environment while I’m pregnant?” 
  7. Still about getting pregnant
    Question: “When are you getting pregnant? Your baby must be cute because your husband is angmoh (Caucasian)” (I think that was supposed to be a compliment but I think it’s actually better not to mention it at all.)
    What I answered: “All babies are cute!”
    What I should have answered: “Yeah, you should get a Caucasian husband too!”

What do you think of these questions? What kind of annoying questions you have been asked? Share with me! 😀

Note: This post is meant for sharing and/or entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to offend anyone.


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