Happy Spring Cleaning

Aaaah….It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Nope, I haven’t been lazy. In fact, I’ve been diligently spring cleaning my house! I always think that I don’t really have much stuff but sadly, that’s not the case. In reality, I do have a lot of things which I don’t even know where they came from. During this spring cleaning, I found many things from my childhood. One major reason why this spring cleaning takes forever is that I continuously discover “treasures”. A generous person I am, I have decided to share these “treasures” with my family members and friends by continuously spamming them on Whatsapp with pictures of these treasures during the time of cleaning. So yes, I have to admit that this spring cleaning is not over…yet.

My hubby always says I’m an “inactive” (basically he means “lazy”) person. BUT, I finally found evidence to prove otherwise. Unlike my hubby who did only dangerous stunts like Tarzan when he was young, I had very “calm” hobbies like collecting “normal” things (stickers, bookmarks, letter pads, stamps, cartoon name cards), collecting “weird” things (my friends’ baby pictures?!?! and old house keys?!?!) and writing letter & cards to pen pals. I noticed I also had 6 phonebooks to write down phone numbers of my friends. I guess that was the trend back then. Later when I became a little older, I still had “calm” hobbies like making arts & crafts and designing brochures/leaflets for my church caregroup. I also found many handwritten diaries, full with details for university and church activities.

It is true that I can’t bear to part with all of them, but I have to throw some of these things as they have developed heavy foxing (brown spots/stains on papers) on them. Although I’m known among my friends as a neatness-cum-hygiene freak, I must say I really hate cleaning and dusting. However, this spring cleaning has brought back so much fond memories (and a few bad ones too, unfortunately). I had a great time reminiscing the good old days during this spring cleaning session.

Sorry to keep this post short. I have to “get back to clean” or else I’ll have to “shower in dust”. Hahaha 😛 I’ll try my best to keep you entertained with more “treasure” stories! 😀 Meanwhile, let me entertain you with my spring cleaning process!

This is the pink monster’s storeroom. It’s actually a study room which I shared with my hubby one year ago. When my parents-in-law came from Bulgaria last June, we moved our desks out to the living room in order to fit a king size bed here. When they left last July, my hubby decided not to move his desk back to this study room. Therefore, I claimed the whole room by myself. We put the bed against the wall so I had a very empty floor that I could roll back and forth. Due to so much emptiness, I unconsciously stacked and piled and stacked and piled more things until it became a junk pile, ooops I mean treasure pile like this. I had about 10 big containers (like the one in red and blue) with many little treasures inside. Hohoho… Anyway, if you think this is not really so much. What I can say is that this is only about 15% of the stuff I have in this house. (Note: By “stuff” I mean little little things, I do not mean things like household furniture and other electrical appliances.) Damn it!

Countless little treasures in big containers 🙂

These are a tiny part of my little treasures. 😀  Those with heavy foxing were thrown but yes, I’m keeping these (except for the keys)! And, I have safely relocated them. Bahahahahaha…

A tiny part of treasures

So, have you recently done any spring cleaning? Did you manage to find treasures like I did? Hahaha!!

Love from the pink monster ❤


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