Month: June 2014

Happy Spring Cleaning – Part Two

Today I continued my spring cleaning like I have been doing for the past 2 weeks. The “storeroom” is almost cleared so I proceeded to the living room today. Again, I found a lot of treasures today. I focused on 3 sections (or collections, if you want to call it that way) – magazines, CDs/DVDs and bags.

I started with the easiest one, which was the magazines collection. From the picture below, you may think that they were not a lot but in fact, these magazines occupied almost 2 big containers. How was that even possible?! :O Since I needed to use the containers to transport my things, I decided to put these magazines on the shelf. Seriously, how can these magazines be so HEAVY? Were they made of steel or what?! Anyway, arranging them was as easy as ABC (minus their weight) so I spent only about 15 minutes on this task.

Then, I continued with the second section, which was my bags collection. I thought that it would be real easy since I had already given many bags to my elder sister. But then I realised I actually still had many left. I took much longer time to wipe and dust and keep and arrange them than I expected it to be. It was still a relatively easy task because the bags were light. Since most of them were in their dust bags anyway, so cleaning them was generally an easy job.

The last part was my CDs/DVDs collection. Well, not mine entirely. 50% belonged to Mr. Hubby. I removed the CD trays and kept the CDs/DVDs nicely in the container. Anyway, I was quite amazed how much money I spent buying all these original CDs during my early teens. In my late teens, I think the trend shifted from “buying” original ones to “burning” original ones. Hahaha. However, I did not keep these “burnt” ones and decided to throw them away. Yes, they are now in a blue rubbish bag.

I relocated most of my treasures to my mum’s place. Some of them are now in my sister’s place. Why am I relocating them? I’ll tell you in my next (or maybe next next) post. I spent the rest of my afternoon in my mum’s place, arranging things which I had earlier brought there. I found lots of “love letters” and greeting cards from my friends. They were all handwritten. Most letters and cards had almost no space due to so much love (a.k.a “words”) written on them. I also found my autograph books from secondary school. And TAA DAA, some of my soft toys collection, stuffed in a big container. I didn’t want to stuff them there BUT there was no enough space to display them. AND I’m definitely NOT going to give them away because I’m a selfish pink monster who needs a lot of soft toys! (Note: I actually had given a few to my nephew so I’m not really that selfish.) 😀

So, what’s the fun arranging things today? I re-read all the letters and cards from my friends. And, I found the content of these letters extremely hilarious. Some of them were really mushy. I mean, if all these mushy words were from only guys, I was most probably going to be flattered. BUT honestly, 50% of them were from girls. Seriously?! What were we (me and my girl-friends) thinking? I think puberty must have hit us really hard at that time!!! What’s more we were in all-girl school. Hahaha!! I’m not going to talk about all the content because it will take me forever. You will understand what “forever” means when you see the pictures below.

Have fun looking through the pictures! 😀

My magazines, CDs/DVDs and bags that were cleared today! Sometimes I feel really fortunate that I’m not an “expensive bags” collector. At least I can easily give away the bags to others when there’s a need. Please pardon the horribly arranged backpacks and baggages at the bottom right picture.


More treasures found in the containers I moved to my mum’s place earlier. Diaries, autograph books, soft toys and wait, what?! So many boxes of name cards? I didn’t know I was such a “big” businessperson. Oh wait, not all were mine. Haha. Who is Nyagoslav Zhekov? 😛


Love letters from my “lovers” (a.k.a friends and pen pals). There are also letters and cards from my aunt. Yes, I am a nice niece! 😀 If you are looking again at what you were looking at the second picture on the left, YES, that was exactly what you were thinking!!! Take a guess who was the sender? (Hint: A friend from my secondary school!) Look at the epic Meteor Garden (F4) letter pad!! Hahahaha… And now you know the meaning of “forever”. I almost pengsan (faint) reading all of them! But from these letters, I could see who are my good friends. I mean, only good friends would take time to write you so much stuff, right? Shit friends usually wouldn’t be bothered.


A random sleeping cat that I saw outside the window when I opened the window for fresh air. I was wondering if it was sleeping or dead? My mum told me that the cat regularly sleeps there. Hmmmm…



Hope you enjoyed my post!

Love from the pink monster ❤



Happy Spring Cleaning

Aaaah….It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Nope, I haven’t been lazy. In fact, I’ve been diligently spring cleaning my house! I always think that I don’t really have much stuff but sadly, that’s not the case. In reality, I do have a lot of things which I don’t even know where they came from. During this spring cleaning, I found many things from my childhood. One major reason why this spring cleaning takes forever is that I continuously discover “treasures”. A generous person I am, I have decided to share these “treasures” with my family members and friends by continuously spamming them on Whatsapp with pictures of these treasures during the time of cleaning. So yes, I have to admit that this spring cleaning is not over…yet.

My hubby always says I’m an “inactive” (basically he means “lazy”) person. BUT, I finally found evidence to prove otherwise. Unlike my hubby who did only dangerous stunts like Tarzan when he was young, I had very “calm” hobbies like collecting “normal” things (stickers, bookmarks, letter pads, stamps, cartoon name cards), collecting “weird” things (my friends’ baby pictures?!?! and old house keys?!?!) and writing letter & cards to pen pals. I noticed I also had 6 phonebooks to write down phone numbers of my friends. I guess that was the trend back then. Later when I became a little older, I still had “calm” hobbies like making arts & crafts and designing brochures/leaflets for my church caregroup. I also found many handwritten diaries, full with details for university and church activities.

It is true that I can’t bear to part with all of them, but I have to throw some of these things as they have developed heavy foxing (brown spots/stains on papers) on them. Although I’m known among my friends as a neatness-cum-hygiene freak, I must say I really hate cleaning and dusting. However, this spring cleaning has brought back so much fond memories (and a few bad ones too, unfortunately). I had a great time reminiscing the good old days during this spring cleaning session.

Sorry to keep this post short. I have to “get back to clean” or else I’ll have to “shower in dust”. Hahaha 😛 I’ll try my best to keep you entertained with more “treasure” stories! 😀 Meanwhile, let me entertain you with my spring cleaning process!

This is the pink monster’s storeroom. It’s actually a study room which I shared with my hubby one year ago. When my parents-in-law came from Bulgaria last June, we moved our desks out to the living room in order to fit a king size bed here. When they left last July, my hubby decided not to move his desk back to this study room. Therefore, I claimed the whole room by myself. We put the bed against the wall so I had a very empty floor that I could roll back and forth. Due to so much emptiness, I unconsciously stacked and piled and stacked and piled more things until it became a junk pile, ooops I mean treasure pile like this. I had about 10 big containers (like the one in red and blue) with many little treasures inside. Hohoho… Anyway, if you think this is not really so much. What I can say is that this is only about 15% of the stuff I have in this house. (Note: By “stuff” I mean little little things, I do not mean things like household furniture and other electrical appliances.) Damn it!

Countless little treasures in big containers 🙂

These are a tiny part of my little treasures. 😀  Those with heavy foxing were thrown but yes, I’m keeping these (except for the keys)! And, I have safely relocated them. Bahahahahaha…

A tiny part of treasures

So, have you recently done any spring cleaning? Did you manage to find treasures like I did? Hahaha!!

Love from the pink monster ❤