I must say that I was quite surprised by the overwhelming response I received on a blog post I shared yesterday! Though there were only a few likes and comments on the link I shared on my Facebook, I actually received many private messages asking me to elaborate on my experience. I was out for dinner with my hubby and my phone couldn’t stop “ping-ing” (Yeah, you read it correct, it’s not ringing but “ping-ing”). I was quite happy with the fact that people do appreciate my blog post and do not find me annoying. I suppose those who find me annoying must have “unfollow-ed” me from their news feed. And, I really love the fact that people are reading and responding to my blog. Yay!! I’m not talking just to myself!!

Of course, many of my friends asked me why I did not share the names of the things, places and people I mentioned on my blog. So, WHY? The reason is very simple. This is my writing ethics and I will keep to it as long as I’m writing.

First, like most “normal” human beings, I like to write only nice things on my blog. I always believe that positivity will yield more positivity. If I have nothing but nice things to say about some things, people or places, I will definitely mention the name out loud (if that’s absolutely necessary). But in real life, it’s impossible to only have nice things happening to me. Unpleasant situations do happen from time to time. Due to privacy reasons, I prefer not to publicly mention names. After all, who wants to have bad names plastered all over the Internet? Nobody, including myself. However, that won’t stop me from sharing my bad experience. It’s just that I WON’T mention names!

Secondly, I’m not getting paid for what I’m writing on my blog so I will not do any free advertising for anyone, anything, or any company. Okay, maybe I’ll do free advertising for my husband who happens to be a handsome, tall, young and talented “ang moh” (Caucasian). Haha, don’t puke! 😛 I’m writing just to share my personal experience. So if anyone wishes to know more, please feel free to private message me. I’ll be more than glad to answer your queries.

Before I end this “not-very-interesting” blog today, I wanna say thanks to everyone who has shown support to my blog. When I logged in to WordPress yesterday, I was surprised to see this notification (below, in red). “Your stats are booming! Looks like “the pink monster diary” is getting lots of traffic.” I do appreciate your time in reading my posts! Thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I don’t know who you are but please continue to love me! Hahaha!! ❤ ❤

Note: If you see the notification (below, in pink), please do not think I’m self-obsessed to like my own blog post. “Someone” who lives in the same house as me logged in “accidentally” using my account and liked that post. Hmmmmm….suspicious….

That’s the update for today! Stay tuned for more stories from the pink monster!



Love from the pink monster ❤


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