My photo-clearing task is all done!

Hey peeps! As predicted from my last blog post, that “tomorrow” I mentioned turned out to be “2 days later” (a.k.a today). But, it’s better late than never. And as my hubby said, “good things never come early”. So, yeah.

Yay!! I finally finished clearing the old pictures yesterday and managed to rearrange them in the proper order (note: they may not be in correct order but they are proper :D). But I didn’t have the time to blog about it because I was attending a party (Okay, that’s another entry for some other day.) Obviously, this photo-clearing task was kind of tedious as the albums were dusty and I had to take the pictures one by one from the pockets of the albums. So, in order to make my task more enjoyable, I decided to Whatsapp my friends while clearing these pictures. And guess what?! My besties and I had some great laughs over these horrendous pictures! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

To give you a clear idea of what kind of pictures these were, there were basically 2 categories: baby/toddler pictures and student pictures of my friends. Really, I can understand why there were so many student pictures. I was after all in the same school with the same people for 11 years. O.M.G. Imagine, 11 years of insanity with these people!! But baby pictures?! I have no idea why!

Firstly, these so-called besties “questioned” why I had their baby/toddler pictures, as if I robbed their houses. Of course I didn’t. I guess it was kind of a trend for kids (during those time) to exchange their baby pictures with their friends. Secondly, these so-called besties accused me again to be a “paparazzi”, stalking them and taking these unpleasant shots of them. Honestly, I have no recollection that I have ever taken these pictures. I don’t think it was me. But that camera was mine. Anyway, I shifted that whole paparazzi thing to one of my besties who goes by the initial CYW. It’s so difficult to be their best friends when they kept accusing me!! 😥 HAHAHAHA!!!

Okay, I have to clarify the reasons why I’m now returning these pictures to their rightful owners. Firstly, it’s not because I don’t treasure these pictures (a.k.a memories). In fact, I kept all the best ones to myself. You should know what “best ones” mean. *evil laugh*.  Secondly, I am not in these pictures. I think people who are in these pictures can appreciate them more than I do. And thirdly, the baby pictures? My friends definitely appreciate them more more more than I do. Because this is how I feel about my own baby pictures. It’s so hard to come by because taking pictures during those times with the film cameras and expensive developing fees was so much rarer than nowadays having the convenience of digital cameras and computers.

In addition, this task actually helped me to reconnect with some friends whom I haven’t talked to for some time. It felt really great to be able to talk crap with these friends again, just like we used to during our school time. I am actually glad that I took the initiative to do this, because it kind of relives some good (and a few bad) memories. But, to think back on those days, it’s c-r-a-z-y!

Well, a blog entry is never complete without some images. Let me present you some of the funny pictures I found. Anyway, if you think these are horrible, seriously, these are the selected “nice” ones. And because I know my besties will kill (or drown) me if I publish their faces, I’ve censored their faces. But, feel free to guess who they are! HAHAHAHA!!

The first consists of my baby/toddler/family pictures. Heehee, I looked like a baby boy. Still “botak” (bald) when I was one year old. And how on earth I became so dark when approaching my teenage years?!?


And here are my student pictures from primary 6 until Bachelor Degree graduation.


Hope you guys enjoy looking at these funny pictures! And to my besties, I kept my promise not to publish those pictures so each of you owes me a meal. I’ll start taking appointments now. Well, one of my besties said I’m “jahat” (bad). Yeah, I guess I’m pretty good at blackmailing. This has also taught us to be camera-ready at all times so people cannot capture your crazy pictures and blackmail you at later time. HAHAHA!

Love from the pink monster ❤



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