The Curse of the Delivery Service!

It’s 12.28am as I start to write. Most of you are probably asleep by now but I guess I just want to keep my writing bug going before I get lazy for another year! *horror*

Today, I started clearing some printed pictures from the good old days. Obviously, I got lazy halfway so it was only 30% completed. To make my clearing more interesting, I was actually taking pictures of these pictures and was sending them to my friends. Haha! That explains a lot WHY it was only 30% completed. Anyway, my friends and I (and also my husband) had a good laugh over these pictures. I mean, WHAT were we thinking? In that dress?!? In that hairstyle?!?! To keep you in suspense, I will talk about that tomorrow. (Technically, “now” is the “tomorrow” that I’m talking about, but whatever, it’s “tomorrow”.)

So anyway, back to the topic. I think I’m either cursed by bad delivery service or the delivery service in Malaysia is really so so so so so bad! Well, I did have really good and reliable service from a few good companies, namely the “F” company and the “D” company (well, I’m not doing free advertising here!) but I usually only use these when I have to post like really urgent and important documents. Sadly, I doubt any dealsites are using these companies. I mean, they are afterall dealsites. Read d-e-a-l-s-i-t-e-s.

I don’t blame the delivery person. I understand that it’s just a job for them. And, I totally can understand that delivering stuff to condominiums/apartments can be quite a shit. WHY? Simply due to lots of “rules”. But, at least, try to call me before coming or when arriving so that I can make sure I’m home to receive my parcel. I was home the whole morning and when I finally got out to get some late lunch at 3pm, the delivery arrived at 3.30pm. Darn! What was more “exciting” was that I arrived home at 4.30pm and I tried calling them to confirm for a pick up tomorrow but no one answered the call! Hmmm, it was not as bad as like getting a summon. But I did feel like I was “slapped” on. I had the urge to stick that notice on my face, but I refrained myself to prevent getting pimples on my forehead. So, I took that nice little picture (below) for your viewing! Hohoho! By the way, my name was also changed to “Jonny Tan”. Haha!! So, what’s your experience with delivery service? Are you also “cursed” like me?!

Love from the pink monster ❤

The “dreaded” notice when you are away from home!



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