The Pink Monster is back!

The Pink Monster is back and is ready to rule! Erm, maybe not to rule. To write, I guess?!

Wow, it has been almost a year since my last post. And that last post was definitely not really something sweet. Oh well, some stupidity about “friendship went wrong”. But please don’t blame me. I’m after all only a human – a woman full with emotions (and extreme emotions at certain times!). And that thing happened right before my wedding! Call that pre-wedding anxiety! Anyway, some of you may have started searching for that “not-so-sweet” piece of shit…oops, i mean piece of blog. Rest assured, it’s not deleted. I am not someone who writes and deletes. I’ve just made it a private blog. Some time later, I will make it public again. But, this is not my focus for now. My focus is to revamp my blog.

Stay tuned! I promise to be diligent in writing. And please continue to love me! :*

p/s: Writing bug, I need you to bite me now!

Bye for now.

Love from the pink monster ❤


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