Month: May 2014

The story of Chrysanthemums

My husband and I like to joke with each other. I mean, really crude jokes. There was a joke, which I have been telling people since I don’t remember when. He didn’t tell me not to tell it to others. He didn’t tell me that this joke has somehow affected him a little bit negatively. It really didn’t hit me that I have become so insensitive. Until yesterday, I found out that this joke was not funny after all.

The joke (or story) went like this. It happened last year, sometime around March, April or May (I really can’t remember). One day, I was feeling really down. It was either about my work or my dissertation (again, I don’t remember). On this particular day, my hubby sent me to work. On the way to work, I guess I was in really foul mood and must have said a lot of shits. So, my hubby decided to cheer me up by giving me a little surprise. He came to pick me when I knocked off from work. As usual, I waited for him at the foyer of my workplace. I saw his car coming, he stopped at drop-off area and I opened the car door. I was stunned for 5 seconds, didn’t know how to react. Guess what?! There was a bouquet of Chrysanthemum on the passenger seat. I was obviously not in good mood that day, but I wasn’t angry. I took that bouquet of flowers and got into the car. I was silent for another 5 seconds and then I turned to my hubby and said, “Honey, do you remember that when we were in Bulgaria, I once told you that you shouldn’t buy Chrysanthemums as gifts for others when we are back in Malaysia?” He turned to me and asked why. I continued, “That’s because Chrysanthemums are usually used for prayers or for the deceased.” He was in total shock. Then we went to my mum’s place for dinner. And I told my mum the story and asked my mum to guess what flowers he bought. My mum said, “Please don’t tell me it’s Chrysanthemum.” And I replied, “Yes, you are right.” Then I turned to my hubby and said “Please do not buy clock for my family members and friends.” We had a laugh and continued our dinner as usual.

My family members and I are not superstitious people. However, we are after all Chinese and we try our best to keep some of the Chinese traditions or “pantang larang” (taboos) that had been passed down from our ancestors. Fortunately, my family members also understand that my hubby shares a very different culture from them. So, there is a mutual understanding between my hubby and my family members, not to sweat over small things like this.

To me, I love flowers. I love all kinds of flowers. Although Chrysanthemum is not my favorite (my favorites are calla lilies and hydrangeas), I still think Chrysanthemums are very pretty flowers. Back in Bulgaria, I had also received Chrysanthemums from my hubby. So what made this time so different and shocking? I’m no flower expert but I think there are different types (or species) of Chrysanthemums. Some of them look like Daisy (for me) and some of them look like Sunflower (for me again). So, if you want to know the kind of Chrysanthemum I received when I was in Bulgaria, look at the picture below. They look very nice and sweet right? (see below).


So why was this time so shocking? Because this time, the Chrysanthemum I received neither looked like Daisy or Sunflower, but it looked like this. (see below). So let me ask you, how would you feel if you see this flower bouquet on the passenger seat when you are not exactly in good mood?


When we went back home, my hubby explained to me what happened. He said that he went to the florist’s and he saw that the roses looked small and miserable. So, he didn’t want the roses. Then, the florist came and asked him who was he buying for and what was the occasion. Read carefully from here. My hubby told the florist that he was buying flowers for his wife and it was just for a casual occasion. After browsing, my hubby said that the only fresh and nicest looking flowers were the Chrysanthemums. So he pointed at those and taa-daa…the florist without saying anything, sold that to my hubby. In fact, after I heard this story, I got quite angry at the florist. Then, I told my hubby, “These flowers have to be fresh because people are frequently using them for prayers”. What’s worse was that it was approximately the “Qing Ming Festival” (Tomb Sweeping Festival) for the Chinese. Seriously?! I personally think that the florist was very unethical to sell that bouquet to my hubby.

Later on, when I met my friends, sometimes I would mention this story as a joke. For more than a year, I’ve been telling this as a joke to many people. Until yesterday, one of my best friends mentioned this on Facebook. So without thinking much, I again joked about it with my hubby. Later when we going to sleep, we chit-chatted and I started bugging him about not giving me anymore surprise gifts. After non-stop bugging for about an hour (I think I’m a pest), he finally told me that the reason WHY he now prefers to bring me to choose my own gifts rather than buying them on his own. The reason is that he is constantly WORRIED he will make another mistake like the “Chrysanthemum incident”. Then, it struck me that this incident has affected him in such a negative manner until he is afraid to give me anymore surprise gifts. There was a silence for 5 minutes. I realised that I have been such a horrible wife for making him feel horrible all these while.

Honestly, I blame that stupid florist. Her action has affected us (especially my hubby) quite negatively. She may have done it unintentionally but I believe she should have at least informed (if not warned) my husband when he pointed at the Chrysanthemums. She shouldn’t have assumed that the wife of my hubby is also an “ang moh” (Caucasian). Unfortunately for her and everyone else, that wife (me) is a Chinese.

So here, I want to apologize to my hubby for insensitively joked about this for more than a year. I’m so sorry. Please don’t be angry and continue to buy me surprise gifts. If anything of such happens again, don’t worry, I’ll burn the shop of the seller. Okay, maybe not burn but I’ll go back to the shop and slap the seller. 😀

Every time I pass by this florist’s, I feel so disgusted. Such an unethical florist. To the florist: May your boyfriend or husband buy you only Chrysanthemums (NOT the nice colourful ones) for the rest of your life!



Happy Teacher’s Day!

I must be one of the luckiest people on Earth, because I have met many great teachers in my life. Besides our parents, teachers are usually the ones whom we spend quite long time with, especially during our primary and secondary school days. I had a few horrible teachers too. Luckily, they were not too many.

*You can continue reading paragraphs in orange for stories of not-so-great teachers, but it’s not necessary. 😀

I remember when I was in Primary 1, one of the mentioned horrible teachers stuck pieces of cellophane tape in students’ mouths (almost the entire class, including me). Apparently, we were making too much noise. On one hand, I could empathize how she was feeling in a noisy classroom. On the other hand, I felt quite disgusted over her actions. I do not hate her. But I think she shouldn’t have gone this far as we were only Primary 1 kids. She did apologize in the end over her actions after several parents (including mine) went to see principal to seek for clarification. It was NOT that kind of “parents scolding and flipping tables” meeting. It was a calm and civilised discussion. I was there in the meeting since everyone “involved” had to be there. 

The second horrible teacher I had was when I was in secondary school. She was actually not so horrible (just a bit) in her personality but she had quite horrible sense of fashion, on which I will not elaborate in detail. I know that everyone is entitled to their own fashion opinions, but seriously, she had like quite unpleasant make-up and unkempt manicure. I guess that was the reason why I did badly for that subject. Haha, that was an excuse but whatever. 😛

Enough about horrible teachers and back to the original topic, I want to share about teachers and mentors who have shown me a lot of kindness and guidance during my school years. (Note: they are not in any order of priority.)

My English teacher in secondary school was the one who somehow motivated me to become an English teacher. She did not talk me to it but I had great respect for her and her teaching. On her first teaching day, I remember her giving the whole class an English test. Being in a “premier” school in Johor Bahru somehow made us (me and my fellow classmates) think that our English was generally good. But almost everyone flunked that test. Lucky for me, I got a B. But I’d never received a B in my entire school years. Initially, many students hated her for her action but I guess we did realise that she was doing this for our own good. True enough, from that day onwards, everyone started taking English seriously. I’m not saying that being well-versed in English makes someone a god, but I must say that it did help me communicate well with others and understand my subjects better during my university years.

During my university years, I also met many great lecturers, who have shown great patience and kindness to me. I majored in English Language and Communication. I like English a lot. But every time when someone heard that I majored in this subject, their first response was “English? You mean like grammar and stuff?”. Seriously, these people were so shallow. English is so much more than just “grammar and stuff”. And, communication is not just about “talking with others.” My university lecturers have taught me so much about English communication, from the perspectives of teaching, linguistics, mass communication, psychology and even photography!

Later when I started working (teaching), I continued my master degree in Linguistics. Again, when people heard about “Linguistics”, their first response was “Linguistics? You mean English and grammar?”. Seriously again, these people were so so so shallow and (erm, let me check for other synonyms of “shallow”) superficial, hollow, depthless, empty, etc. Again and again, Linguistics is not just about “English and grammar”, it’s so much more that I can’t even explain it in a single blog post like this. Anyway, I gave up on these shallow people and everytime they asked about “Linguistics”, I would reply “Well, it’s not like you will understand it anyway so I’ll not explain further.” Sound shitty? Totally NOT, especially towards these “shallow-ers”. My university lecturers continued to amaze me with the world of linguistics. I have learnt so so so much from them. Now that I am no longer going to class, I actually kind of miss those times I used to spend in classrooms, exchanging constructive ideas with my fellow classmates and lecturers.

As a teacher myself, I understood that being a teacher is not an easy task. Students sometimes do not understand our position and think that teaching is a “free-and-easy” job. I have heard people saying “Teaching is easy, everyone can teach.” I can assure you that this is NOT true. NOT everyone can teach. NOT everyone has the skills to teach. Even if they have the skills, NOT everyone has the passion to teach. I’m so lucky to have studied and worked with teachers, lecturers and mentors who are really passionate and knowledgeable in the field of teaching.

To students out there, it is important for you to show respect and gratitude to your teachers. Teachers DO NOT NEED your presents or flowers. What we want is for you to learn and understand the things we have taught you, and get good results for your subjects (although we don’t really benefit from it because your good results determine your future, not ours). Also remember, please DO NOT say to your teachers “Oh, we pay for the school fees so we are your customers. Therefore, you cannot scold us.” (This is personal experience). I believe respect is mutual. If you have fulfilled your responsibility as a student, your teacher will definitely show you the respect you deserve. So please do not expect your teacher to like you if all the things you have done are not submitting work on time, being late for class, not paying attention when your teacher is teaching and worse of all – wearing horrible clothes (that merely cover your skin/butt/boobs). Remember, respect is earned, not asked for. And, you will need to respect yourself first before expecting others to respect you.

In fact I do know some teachers who are simply teaching for the sake of money but this blog post is not dedicated to such teachers. This blog post is dedicated to teachers who have shown hard work and passion in teaching, not for the sake of “earning money”.

Dear teachers, thank you for your hard work and guidance. I appreciate all the support and love you have shown me all this while. I hope I have been a good student, too! 😛


Love from the pink monster ❤



I must say that I was quite surprised by the overwhelming response I received on a blog post I shared yesterday! Though there were only a few likes and comments on the link I shared on my Facebook, I actually received many private messages asking me to elaborate on my experience. I was out for dinner with my hubby and my phone couldn’t stop “ping-ing” (Yeah, you read it correct, it’s not ringing but “ping-ing”). I was quite happy with the fact that people do appreciate my blog post and do not find me annoying. I suppose those who find me annoying must have “unfollow-ed” me from their news feed. And, I really love the fact that people are reading and responding to my blog. Yay!! I’m not talking just to myself!!

Of course, many of my friends asked me why I did not share the names of the things, places and people I mentioned on my blog. So, WHY? The reason is very simple. This is my writing ethics and I will keep to it as long as I’m writing.

First, like most “normal” human beings, I like to write only nice things on my blog. I always believe that positivity will yield more positivity. If I have nothing but nice things to say about some things, people or places, I will definitely mention the name out loud (if that’s absolutely necessary). But in real life, it’s impossible to only have nice things happening to me. Unpleasant situations do happen from time to time. Due to privacy reasons, I prefer not to publicly mention names. After all, who wants to have bad names plastered all over the Internet? Nobody, including myself. However, that won’t stop me from sharing my bad experience. It’s just that I WON’T mention names!

Secondly, I’m not getting paid for what I’m writing on my blog so I will not do any free advertising for anyone, anything, or any company. Okay, maybe I’ll do free advertising for my husband who happens to be a handsome, tall, young and talented “ang moh” (Caucasian). Haha, don’t puke! 😛 I’m writing just to share my personal experience. So if anyone wishes to know more, please feel free to private message me. I’ll be more than glad to answer your queries.

Before I end this “not-very-interesting” blog today, I wanna say thanks to everyone who has shown support to my blog. When I logged in to WordPress yesterday, I was surprised to see this notification (below, in red). “Your stats are booming! Looks like “the pink monster diary” is getting lots of traffic.” I do appreciate your time in reading my posts! Thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I don’t know who you are but please continue to love me! Hahaha!! ❤ ❤

Note: If you see the notification (below, in pink), please do not think I’m self-obsessed to like my own blog post. “Someone” who lives in the same house as me logged in “accidentally” using my account and liked that post. Hmmmmm….suspicious….

That’s the update for today! Stay tuned for more stories from the pink monster!



Love from the pink monster ❤

Never Trust This Deal Site!

I was hoping that I would never have to write this post. But, my patience has reached its maximum. Today, I’m going to talk about ONE deal site which has given me nothing but bad experience over the last 3 weeks.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of deal sites. But I do browse through them occasionally when I’m bored or when I’ve nothing better to do. It all started on 25 April 2014 when I was just recovering from my sickness. I was very sick for a few days before 25 April and hadn’t stepped out from home for 5 days. Being sick was horrible enough, what was more horrible was that I couldn’t do anything except to lie on the bed or on the sofa. As I really had nothing better to do, I decided to browse some deal sites.

I have previously purchased a few vouchers from G-site. These were mostly meal vouchers. Meal vouchers are the best because you just need to print out the voucher, call to reserve your seats and then you just go there and eat what you have bought. I don’t like to buy “things” or “products” or “items”. Firstly, I don’t really trust the quality of the items sold on these sites, unless they are like freaking cheap and I don’t really care about the quality of that particular item, i.e just buying for fun or for the sake of wasting money. Secondly, these items usually have a particular delivery period, i.e 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months etc. I mean, seriously, if I really like something, wouldn’t it be ridiculous to wait for such a long time? And how would I know that after this waiting time, I would actually get my items? Up to now, I haven’t taken any such risks, especially if it involved more than 7 days delivery period.

Anyway, to cut the crap short, some friends have told me that they got really good deals from other sites, namely L-site and M-site, so I decided to give these sites a chance. In fact, some time in March 2014, I purchase an item from L-site. It was supposed to be a 3-day delivery. I was delighted! I mean, 3 days is not really such a long waiting time. So yeah, I clicked and paid for the item. In the end, the item did not arrive within 3 days. So, I emailed them on the 5th day and there was no reply. So, I called them on the 7th day, but the person who picked up said he was not sure. WOW! I was dumbstruck! Anyway, he told me to wait for a few days and I could call again if my item still did not arrive. Lucky for me, after 10 waiting days, I finally got my item. (Note: I’ve excluded the Saturdays and Sundays in my calculation).

So, back to the reason of this post. Due to my extreme boredom and sickness on 25 April, I decided to just browse the same L-site since I couldn’t find anything I fancied from G-site and M-site. In less than a minute, something caught my attention. I was very cautious because I remembered the bad experience I had in March. I think boredom must have crushed my brain that day. I knew the 3-day delivery thing was a total bullshit but I thought to myself “What could be worse?” At most, it would turn out to be a 10-day delivery like the previous time. And since, my previous item did eventually arrive, I decided to buy the item. And, the reason why I’m writing this post is because I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING UNTIL TODAY!

It’s not really some expensive item but why should I waste my money on this site? Imagine how much money is spent on this site if there are 200 buyers like me?! I decided to call them for clarification. It’s best not to jump to conclusion and start screwing unless I find out what’s wrong. I called for 4 days, and the line was always busy. So, I decided to write an email to them. No one replied. Since they were not working on the weekends, I called them again the following week. Again, the line was always busy. So finally on a “fine” day, I was able to get through so I asked them to check the status for me. Guess what!? They told me that their system was down and they couldn’t check it for me and asked me to call them again tomorrow. I told them I didn’t want to call back because I’ve been trying for many days and requested them to call me back, in a polite manner. And guess again what?!?! They said, “Oh, we can’t possibly call back every customer because we are too busy.” Ermmmmmmmm………..Unless you’ve been cheating many customers’ money and many of them are calling like hell, which I believe is the case, why can’t you call back? If not, an email would be enough. If your company has dealt OR at least set up a system to deal with each purchase carefully, do you think your customers are so free to call you all the time to check on their items? This is so f-up!

Seriously, never trust this L-site. For G-site and M-site, I can say that they are generally reliable, especially G-site. Their items always arrive on time and even if the items don’t arrive on time, you can always call/email them. They respond fast and also send follow-up emails. Thumbs up for G-site! Because of the incompetency of L-site staff, I now have to call the credit card company to stop my payment and do a lot of other unnecessary shits (like wasting time to write this post about them!).


Item purchased on 8th March 2014.


Item purchased on 25th April 2014.

My photo-clearing task is all done!

Hey peeps! As predicted from my last blog post, that “tomorrow” I mentioned turned out to be “2 days later” (a.k.a today). But, it’s better late than never. And as my hubby said, “good things never come early”. So, yeah.

Yay!! I finally finished clearing the old pictures yesterday and managed to rearrange them in the proper order (note: they may not be in correct order but they are proper :D). But I didn’t have the time to blog about it because I was attending a party (Okay, that’s another entry for some other day.) Obviously, this photo-clearing task was kind of tedious as the albums were dusty and I had to take the pictures one by one from the pockets of the albums. So, in order to make my task more enjoyable, I decided to Whatsapp my friends while clearing these pictures. And guess what?! My besties and I had some great laughs over these horrendous pictures! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

To give you a clear idea of what kind of pictures these were, there were basically 2 categories: baby/toddler pictures and student pictures of my friends. Really, I can understand why there were so many student pictures. I was after all in the same school with the same people for 11 years. O.M.G. Imagine, 11 years of insanity with these people!! But baby pictures?! I have no idea why!

Firstly, these so-called besties “questioned” why I had their baby/toddler pictures, as if I robbed their houses. Of course I didn’t. I guess it was kind of a trend for kids (during those time) to exchange their baby pictures with their friends. Secondly, these so-called besties accused me again to be a “paparazzi”, stalking them and taking these unpleasant shots of them. Honestly, I have no recollection that I have ever taken these pictures. I don’t think it was me. But that camera was mine. Anyway, I shifted that whole paparazzi thing to one of my besties who goes by the initial CYW. It’s so difficult to be their best friends when they kept accusing me!! 😥 HAHAHAHA!!!

Okay, I have to clarify the reasons why I’m now returning these pictures to their rightful owners. Firstly, it’s not because I don’t treasure these pictures (a.k.a memories). In fact, I kept all the best ones to myself. You should know what “best ones” mean. *evil laugh*.  Secondly, I am not in these pictures. I think people who are in these pictures can appreciate them more than I do. And thirdly, the baby pictures? My friends definitely appreciate them more more more than I do. Because this is how I feel about my own baby pictures. It’s so hard to come by because taking pictures during those times with the film cameras and expensive developing fees was so much rarer than nowadays having the convenience of digital cameras and computers.

In addition, this task actually helped me to reconnect with some friends whom I haven’t talked to for some time. It felt really great to be able to talk crap with these friends again, just like we used to during our school time. I am actually glad that I took the initiative to do this, because it kind of relives some good (and a few bad) memories. But, to think back on those days, it’s c-r-a-z-y!

Well, a blog entry is never complete without some images. Let me present you some of the funny pictures I found. Anyway, if you think these are horrible, seriously, these are the selected “nice” ones. And because I know my besties will kill (or drown) me if I publish their faces, I’ve censored their faces. But, feel free to guess who they are! HAHAHAHA!!

The first consists of my baby/toddler/family pictures. Heehee, I looked like a baby boy. Still “botak” (bald) when I was one year old. And how on earth I became so dark when approaching my teenage years?!?


And here are my student pictures from primary 6 until Bachelor Degree graduation.


Hope you guys enjoy looking at these funny pictures! And to my besties, I kept my promise not to publish those pictures so each of you owes me a meal. I’ll start taking appointments now. Well, one of my besties said I’m “jahat” (bad). Yeah, I guess I’m pretty good at blackmailing. This has also taught us to be camera-ready at all times so people cannot capture your crazy pictures and blackmail you at later time. HAHAHA!

Love from the pink monster ❤


The Curse of the Delivery Service!

It’s 12.28am as I start to write. Most of you are probably asleep by now but I guess I just want to keep my writing bug going before I get lazy for another year! *horror*

Today, I started clearing some printed pictures from the good old days. Obviously, I got lazy halfway so it was only 30% completed. To make my clearing more interesting, I was actually taking pictures of these pictures and was sending them to my friends. Haha! That explains a lot WHY it was only 30% completed. Anyway, my friends and I (and also my husband) had a good laugh over these pictures. I mean, WHAT were we thinking? In that dress?!? In that hairstyle?!?! To keep you in suspense, I will talk about that tomorrow. (Technically, “now” is the “tomorrow” that I’m talking about, but whatever, it’s “tomorrow”.)

So anyway, back to the topic. I think I’m either cursed by bad delivery service or the delivery service in Malaysia is really so so so so so bad! Well, I did have really good and reliable service from a few good companies, namely the “F” company and the “D” company (well, I’m not doing free advertising here!) but I usually only use these when I have to post like really urgent and important documents. Sadly, I doubt any dealsites are using these companies. I mean, they are afterall dealsites. Read d-e-a-l-s-i-t-e-s.

I don’t blame the delivery person. I understand that it’s just a job for them. And, I totally can understand that delivering stuff to condominiums/apartments can be quite a shit. WHY? Simply due to lots of “rules”. But, at least, try to call me before coming or when arriving so that I can make sure I’m home to receive my parcel. I was home the whole morning and when I finally got out to get some late lunch at 3pm, the delivery arrived at 3.30pm. Darn! What was more “exciting” was that I arrived home at 4.30pm and I tried calling them to confirm for a pick up tomorrow but no one answered the call! Hmmm, it was not as bad as like getting a summon. But I did feel like I was “slapped” on. I had the urge to stick that notice on my face, but I refrained myself to prevent getting pimples on my forehead. So, I took that nice little picture (below) for your viewing! Hohoho! By the way, my name was also changed to “Jonny Tan”. Haha!! So, what’s your experience with delivery service? Are you also “cursed” like me?!

Love from the pink monster ❤

The “dreaded” notice when you are away from home!


The Pink Monster is back!

The Pink Monster is back and is ready to rule! Erm, maybe not to rule. To write, I guess?!

Wow, it has been almost a year since my last post. And that last post was definitely not really something sweet. Oh well, some stupidity about “friendship went wrong”. But please don’t blame me. I’m after all only a human – a woman full with emotions (and extreme emotions at certain times!). And that thing happened right before my wedding! Call that pre-wedding anxiety! Anyway, some of you may have started searching for that “not-so-sweet” piece of shit…oops, i mean piece of blog. Rest assured, it’s not deleted. I am not someone who writes and deletes. I’ve just made it a private blog. Some time later, I will make it public again. But, this is not my focus for now. My focus is to revamp my blog.

Stay tuned! I promise to be diligent in writing. And please continue to love me! :*

p/s: Writing bug, I need you to bite me now!

Bye for now.

Love from the pink monster ❤