10 hours wait in Amsterdam!

I am currently now in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport waiting for my next flight to Singapore at 9pm (Netherlands time) which is approximately 5.5 hours from now. Don’t ask me how I survived the last 4.5 hours but I hope the next 5.5 hours will pass soon!

Frankly, I don’t hate travelling alone. But, travelling alone proves to be a serious hassle especially when you need to go to the “water closet” (a.k.a toilet) – which is what I am feeling right now! I actually set a time when I start to pack because I just don’t want to get everything packed and unpacked again (within a short time). I am NOT being lazy but it’s that kind of  “you have somehow settled down somewhere and you can’t just leave your things and go” feeling. Yeah, that’s how exactly I am feeling right now… As you might have already thought of, yes, most airports do provide trolleys, but not all areas are trolley friendly. Some toilet entrance can be so small that even your hand carry luggage can stuck in between. Or, you may come across some small toilet room which you will have to leave your stuff outside, and while you are doing business, your mind is somewhere else wondering what’s happening to your stuff. AND, you get excited and your business gets “neverending”!! Hahaha…. okay, okay, I’m not trying to scare you about travelling alone. BUT, that’s what I’ve experienced.

In this airport, I seriously have nothing to complain except for the extremely expensive internet access (€3 for 15 mins, €6 for 30 mins, €12 for 90 mins & €16 for a day pass). Very similar to the £9.90 for 24 hours internet service I had in London. They sure do know how to make money. BUT, I would say that they are actually quite kind, because the first hour is free (you get 30 minutes x 2 login). That’s pretty cool compared to other airports which don’t offer any alternatives at all. But I guess, this free Internet access doesn’t really benefit me in anyway since I am somehow stuck here for 10 hours, so buying the 15 or 30 or 90 mins access doesn’t seem like a wise choice! Now I am wondering if I can sell off the remaining hours of mine? Hahaha 😀 Not to mention that they DO provide good facilities for their customers. I mean, not many airports actually have plug holes for you to charge your pc or phone and here, they actually provide you plug holes in different forms. And also, you can choose to use their computer OR you can use your own laptop with large table provided (you don’t wan to see my “area” right now because it’s even bigger than my desk at the office or my home! and it’s also quite messy!!!) OR you can sit at the sofa area also with the plug holes provided. Not bad huh!

So yeah, as I was telling honey bee, journey from Varna (BG) to Bucharest (RO) is undoutedly a serious hassle, BUT I would definitely recommend coming to Bulgaria passing this route (at this particular airport, using KLM & Tarom Airlines). Seriously, don’t bother using those low cost airlines which actually cost you more that what you should pay. (Based on my previous experience to London, after recalculation, I paid around RM1500 more)

My previous flight from JB-KL-London-Plovdiv (BG) – the last route I had to book by myself, no transfer services (Total amount around RM4500) – Low cost budget airlines + 18 hours wait at a shitty airport with no plug holes
My current flight from SG-Amsterdam-Bucharest (then to BG with car) – check in luggage all the way from SG to RO. (Total amount around RM3000) “Normal” (Not budget) nice flight with personal media (no charge) + unlimited food (you can order whatever you wan without paying extra) + nice airport with area you can hangout
Whenever I think about my RM1500, my heart aches. RM1500 may not be a lot a lot a lot for some of you, but I can buy many things with RM1500. OMG!

Oh…….it’s 4.05pm already. I really can crap and pass 35 minutes just like that. Well, I shall write more about my experience later. Now, I’ll go do some business and then explore this beautiful airport.

IMPORTANT!! Sorry if there’s any typo or spelling error, please understand that I was merely passing time and I was kind of in an “emergency mode”

See you soon in my next post! 🙂


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