Resolution #19 Achieved!

I was supposed to write this entry weeks ago but I was being lazy and was constantly putting it off to “tomorrow”. Well, the “tomorrow” finally came today.

Out of my “so many” things to be done this year, I have (yay!!) achieved one! And, I am very happy that I achieved it together with my dearest honey bee πŸ™‚ Others are still in progress, and not all of them are productive but they are in the midst of being completed, and I’m working “determinedly” (if there’s such a word πŸ˜› ) hard to make them happen!

Resolution No.19: Visit a spectacular place.

I achieved it by visiting the City of Love – Paris, with my L.O.V.E. We spent 5 beautiful days (21 – 26 Jan 2012) there and it was indeed a very pleasant experience to both of us. There were some little mishaps during the whole journey, mostly due to the journey travelling back home, but overall the trip in Paris itself was extremely memorable. Some little mishaps included:

  1. me forgetting my iPhone charger Β (I didn’t get to use my French translator app) and thus leading us to,
  2. not speaking French “so well” Β (Things were a little hard because the French does understand English but most of them just don’t speak it. Talking about being identity enthusiast eh? We don’t really mind or care, we survived pretty well πŸ™‚ )
  3. and, also the traumatic snow experience on the journey back home in Romania. (But of course, we managed to just laugh it off after weeks of hibernation and hot tea at home πŸ˜› )

I’m just gonna keep this entry short and sweet. If you are interested in details, the “long” elaborated story of how our journey went can be found in this link. And, of course the pictures can be found in my facebook photo albums: From Paris with Love, In the City of LoveΒ and We (heart) Paris. Hope you enjoy our Parisian experience πŸ™‚

Most important of all, I wanna say thanks to Honey bee for realising my dream of visiting the City of Love! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for everything! :*


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