New breakthrough of the week!

Guess what? I did something yesterday that I didn’t dream of doing. Two things actually. Although one of them is part of my TD-list but the other was something I have dreaded for long time!

The first one is… I did my first dance workout yesterday. Haha..something I thought I would never achieve anyway because I am like “tomorrow person” especially when it comes to moving my body. Hahaha…

The second one is… I drank coffee yesterday! For some of you, it may be some lame or “daily stuff” but I haven’t been a coffee person for a long long time..maybe about 15 years! I remember having to enjoy kopi-o or kopi ais “iced coffee” when I was younger but ever since I was in my teenage years, I stopped because it actually made my heart beat fast and I was unable to sleep for 2 nights if I ever drank coffee. Yesterday morning, I was extremely sleepy so I decided to try it. I was thinking “die then die, i will give it a shot cos’ i don’t wanna b like sleepy throughout the whole day!” but it turned out that I was able to sleep at night. And today, I drank my second cup again! In case you are wondering, the brand is Jacobs Coffee. I mean, I am neither a coffee expert or a coffee enthusiast but the taste of this coffee matches me quite well. Not too strong for a weak person like me, hahaha 😛

It feels nice to do something you don’t usually do!


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