The Official “To-Do-List”

This entry is used as a personal reference because I am too lazy to take out my book to remind myself the things that I listed down. I will work [hard] towards all of them and I am hopeful that I can complete them by the end of 2012. Initially I didn’t want to publish it but now I am, just to share with all of you and probably you can give me some advice, feedback, pointers or opinions. 🙂

2012 To-Do-List:

  1. Get a tattoo (of me and honey bee’s initials)
  2. Start own small scale business
    – Learning how to do it from honey bee. Already have the email add and weebly site but haven’t really work on it (Jan 2012)
  3. Learn how to use contact lens
  4. Go diving
  5. Buy a really nice wallet / wristlet / clutch at affordable and reasonable price range (My initial target was at least RM500 but I changed my mind because it’s not necessary to overspend for it)
  6. Buy a really nice bag that costs at least RM2000 (I am not being materialistic but I agree with some friends to a certain extent that I must at least own a really good quality bag once in a lifetime because it’s not like I am changing bags everyday.)
  7. Repaint my small car
  8. Save at least RM5000 (starting it small)
  9. Buy an iPad
  10. Graduate from my Master programme
  11. Finish thesis by April 2012 (This should come before no. 10 Hahaha…but I am too lazy to change the sequence in my actual diary book).
    – In progress although have been slacking quite often. Just completed data collection today (10 Jan 2012) 
  12. Lose weight to 50kg
    – Got Dr. Naim’s diet plan from CME, hopefully can start following it soon! (9 Jan 2012) 
  13. Learn an instrument (or continue existing)
  14. Learn dancing (or continue existing)
    – Not exactly a dance but a dance workout called Zumba, which I got to know about it in Bulgaria. I have downloaded several workout videos (9 January 2012), hopefully can start dancing away tomorrow! 😛
  15. Read more
    – If reading includes reading journal articles, then yes it is increasing. Hahaha…
  16. Get a good job with good income
  17. Get a pair of diamond earrings
  18. Attend church regularly
  19. Visit a spectacular place – ACHIEVED (21 – 26 January 2012)
    – In progress… honey bee and I already bought the air tickets and the hotel stay and we are currently checking out some places of interest in “this” place and visitor passes for the metro rides and museum visits. (Jan 2012)
  20. Throw a great party
  21. Cook great food for honey bee (Learn at least 10 new recipes)
    – In progress…I’ve prepared several “food”, not exactly some big chef’s recipe, but recipe ala Jenny (honey bee’s mum called it) haha… 

Share your thoughts here! :)

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