I just completed my data collection! Yay!!

The title says it all! I just completed my data collection from 22 participants. The data collection took 1 month and 1 week. I was a week late on schedule because (*admitting it aloud*) I HAVE BEEN A LAZY PIKU! (which means butt or the coarse A-word, if you prefer 😛 ) Hahaha…It was quite a relief because I am no stalker so, when I had to “follow” 22 of my Facebook friends over a period of a month, it was really NOT EASY! Nonetheless, I am quite happy that I have completed this task!

The end of this task leads to the beginning of another. I HAVE TO START WRITING (or typing) MY THESIS!!! Hmmm…… I hope that I can do as much as possible, at least reaching my 3 pages per day target so that I can complete it by April. I really don’t want to waste money for another semester because it is so unnecessary!!

And finally, I can change my time zone back to the Bulgaria time zone (+2:00)and not following the Malaysian time zone (+8:00). The past one month I have to do calculations on my brain just to get the correct time in the place where I am not. Hahaha…

YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!!!


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