Work in progress…

I guess writing my dissertation isn’t really so bad afterall (although I must admit that yesterday I didn’t complete the target I set for myself). I set a goal of completing 3 pages per day but I did only 1.5 pages and then I started having headache. I am sure it wasn’t an imaginary headache πŸ˜› eventhough I am pretty sure what was the cause of it.

I mean, generally I enjoy writing but ideas don’t really seem to flow to me as much as I’d like them to. Maybe I was just shutting down my mind (I don’t know!) or maybe I was just trying to escape. Either way, it is NOT GOOD!

I think it is always very difficult to START doing something. Because you are just gonna give yourself tonnes of reasons of not doing it. Maybe not reasons, but I know even the slightest thing can easily divert the attention. I think I just have to DO it and of course, FOCUS!

Well, I have just completed my first 3 pages (therefore now taking a break). It’s not some “big” achievement (I know I know) BUT at least I am DOING it! Hooray!! I am gonna continue with the other 3 that I am supposed to do it for today. I hope sooner, I will just get a hang of it and start writing like other professional research writers do πŸ˜›

To qoute my first sentence in this blog “I guess writing my dissertation isn’t really so bad afterall”, indeed it isn’t! It’s not like I am having so much fun but I pretty much enjoy it in a way. I hope I would enjoy it all the way to the end!

To those who are also in the same shoe as me, let’s kambate (work hard in Japanese) together!


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