Month: January 2012

One of the most dreaded news! OMG!

I just received an email, informing me that I should submit a progress report about my dissertation. It is one of the most dreaded news in my life! I told my friend, “What is there to write in this progress report when there’s nothing progressing?” Hmmm…Looks like this is another kick on my butt. I have no choice but to really start reading and writing now! OMG!


New breakthrough of the week!

Guess what? I did something yesterday that I didn’t dream of doing. Two things actually. Although one of them is part of my TD-list but the other was something I have dreaded for long time!

The first one is… I did my first dance workout yesterday. Haha..something I thought I would never achieve anyway because I am like “tomorrow person” especially when it comes to moving my body. Hahaha…

The second one is… I drank coffee yesterday! For some of you, it may be some lame or “daily stuff” but I haven’t been a coffee person for a long long time..maybe about 15 years! I remember having to enjoy kopi-oย or kopi ais “iced coffee” when I was younger but ever since I was in my teenage years, I stopped because it actually made my heart beat fast and I was unable to sleep for 2 nights if I ever drank coffee. Yesterday morning, I was extremely sleepy so I decided to try it. I was thinking “die then die, i will give it a shot cos’ i don’t wanna b like sleepy throughout the whole day!” but it turned out that I was able to sleep at night. And today, I drank my second cup again! In case you are wondering, the brand is Jacobs Coffee. I mean, I am neither a coffee expert or a coffee enthusiast but the taste of this coffee matches me quite well. Not too strong for a weak person like me, hahaha ๐Ÿ˜›

It feels nice to do something you don’t usually do!

I just completed my data collection! Yay!!

The title says it all! I just completed my data collection from 22 participants. The data collection took 1 month and 1 week. I was a week late on schedule because (*admitting it aloud*) I HAVE BEEN A LAZY PIKU! (which means butt or the coarse A-word, if you prefer ๐Ÿ˜› ) Hahaha…It was quite a relief because I am no stalker so, when I had to “follow” 22 of my Facebook friends over a period of a month, it was really NOT EASY! Nonetheless, I am quite happy that I have completed this task!

The end of this task leads to the beginning of another. I HAVE TO START WRITING (or typing) MY THESIS!!! Hmmm…… I hope that I can do as much as possible, at least reaching my 3 pages per day target so that I can complete it by April. I really don’t want to waste money for another semester because it is so unnecessary!!

And finally, I can change my time zone back to the Bulgaria time zone (+2:00)and not following the Malaysian time zone (+8:00). The past one month I have to do calculations on my brain just to get the correct time in the place where I am not. Hahaha…

YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!!!

The Official “To-Do-List”

This entry is used as a personal reference because I am too lazy to take out my book to remind myself the things that I listed down. I will work [hard] towards all of them and I am hopeful that I can complete them by the end of 2012. Initially I didn’t want to publish it but now I am, just to share with all of you and probably you can give me some advice, feedback, pointers or opinions. ๐Ÿ™‚

2012 To-Do-List:

  1. Get a tattoo (of me and honey bee’s initials)
  2. Start own small scale business
    – Learning how to do it from honey bee. Already have the email add and weebly site but haven’t really work on it (Jan 2012)
  3. Learn how to use contact lens
  4. Go diving
  5. Buy a really nice wallet / wristlet / clutch at affordable and reasonable price range (My initial target was at least RM500 but I changed my mind because it’s not necessary to overspend for it)
  6. Buy a really nice bag that costs at least RM2000 (I am not being materialistic but I agree with some friends to a certain extent that I must at least own a really good quality bag once in a lifetime because it’s not like I am changing bags everyday.)
  7. Repaint my small car
  8. Save at least RM5000 (starting it small)
  9. Buy an iPad
  10. Graduate from my Master programme
  11. Finish thesis by April 2012 (This should come before no. 10 Hahaha…but I am too lazy to change the sequence in my actual diary book).
    – In progress although have been slacking quite often. Just completed data collection today (10 Jan 2012)ย 
  12. Lose weight to 50kg
    – Got Dr. Naim’s diet plan from CME, hopefully can start following it soon! (9 Jan 2012)ย 
  13. Learn an instrument (or continue existing)
  14. Learn dancing (or continue existing)
    – Not exactly a dance but a dance workout called Zumba, which I got to know about it in Bulgaria. I have downloaded several workout videos (9 January 2012), hopefully can start dancing away tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜›
  15. Read more
    – If reading includes reading journal articles, then yes it is increasing. Hahaha…
  16. Get a good job with good income
  17. Get a pair of diamond earrings
  18. Attend church regularly
  19. Visit a spectacular place – ACHIEVED (21 – 26 January 2012)
    – In progress… honey bee and I already bought the air tickets and the hotel stay and we are currently checking out some places of interest in “this” place and visitor passes for the metro rides and museum visits. (Jan 2012)
  20. Throw a great party
  21. Cook great food for honey bee (Learn at least 10 new recipes)
    – In progress…I’ve prepared several “food”, not exactly some big chef’s recipe, but recipe ala Jenny (honey bee’s mum called it) haha…ย 

Idle is my middle name!

I actually thought I would be more motivated to work on my stuff in this new year. On the contrary, I am actually still quite demotivated and lazy! Excuses, excuses, excuses! Sometimes I really hate myself for not working out the things which I planned. I also realised that I used up more time in planning things than actually doing them. I really despise myself for this.

Let me update you what actually happened for the past few days. Instead of working diligently on my thesis, I am actually hooked on The Sims 3. I spent much of my time trying to get my Sims resurrected from death so I was working so hard in achieving their cooking, gardening and fishing skills. It was a happy and sad ending for my Sims though. One was resurrected but another was unable to be restored for the second time. So much for the Ambrosia, the Life Fruit and the Deathfish business!

Not saying that I totally forgot my thesis, I actually reordered some reading materials which I thought would be helpful in my writing. And I also completed one part of my data collection. I am left with another part (about 8% to completion) and I really hope I can complete it by today. However, completing the data collection will not help unless I start writing. In fact, I was quite impressed with the 10% I completed from the whole thing. More than 10 % I think. I need 100 pages (the target) and I think I have about 15-20 pages! Go, go, go!! Seriously want to finish it by this year!! Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Work in progress…

I guess writing my dissertation isn’t really so bad afterall (although I must admit that yesterday I didn’t complete the target I set for myself). I set a goal of completing 3 pages per day but I did only 1.5 pages and then I started having headache. I am sure it wasn’t an imaginary headache ๐Ÿ˜› eventhough I am pretty sure what was the cause of it.

I mean, generally I enjoy writing but ideas don’t really seem to flow to me as much as I’d like them to. Maybe I was just shutting down my mind (I don’t know!) or maybe I was just trying to escape. Either way, it is NOT GOOD!

I think it is always very difficult to START doing something. Because you are just gonna give yourself tonnes of reasons of not doing it. Maybe not reasons, but I know even the slightest thing can easily divert the attention. I think I just have to DO it and of course, FOCUS!

Well, I have just completed my first 3 pages (therefore now taking a break). It’s not some “big” achievement (I know I know) BUT at least I am DOING it! Hooray!! I am gonna continue with the other 3 that I am supposed to do it for today. I hope sooner, I will just get a hang of it and start writing like other professional research writers do ๐Ÿ˜›

To qoute my first sentence in this blog “I guess writing my dissertation isn’t really so bad afterall”, indeed it isn’t! It’s not like I am having so much fun but I pretty much enjoy it in a way. I hope I would enjoy it all the way to the end!

To those who are also in the same shoe as me, let’s kambate (work hard in Japanese) together!

The Pink Monster Project starts now!

On 1st January 2012, I made a list of things that I want to achieve for this year. Many people call that a resolution list but I think the word “resolution” sounds a bit too serious. I initially called it a “to-do-list” (which probably sounds a little too plain) but I have since renamed it as The Pink Monster Project (a few minutes ago), because it probably sounds crazier. ๐Ÿ˜€

I am generally a diligent person and would complete my tasks even before the deadlines. Probably I was working too hard the previous years, I found that I actually slacked off quite a bit for the past one year. Well, I was still completing my tasks on time, ALL except my dissertation for my master degree. ย Although the deadline isn’t any time soon (and I probably still could take my own sweet time to do it), I really don’t want to put it off for another year, not even for another semester. I hope to graduate with the square hat on my head this year!

I reckon that I am best expressing myself in writing, that’sย why I created this Pink Monster Project to keep track of my progress. ย At the same time, it can also help me to review things that I do over time. Rather than just making this project with my dissertation as the sole purpose, I actually came out with 19 other things that I want to achieve for this year besides the 2 things which I mentioned earlier – completing my dissertation and graduate from master degree. That makes a total of 21!

I hope today will be a great start of my project. Please keep comments flowing to show your support for my project. ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy New Year to all of you! May you achieve your dreams for this year too!